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There is a saying in Spanish, “Mi Casa, Su Casa” My home is your home…

At BBG, we believe your home is our home. We will build your dream home, as if we were building it for ourselves. It is this mindset and ideology which stands us out from the rest.

This means a commitment from us, of building your home with energy efficient technology, sustainable materials, combined with beautiful design and functionality, making it a place of comfort and wellbeing.

We will create a building process that is enjoyable and engaging, one which you, as the owner should be a part. From the project manager, to the clean-up crew, our Brisbane based home builders are all engaged in our work and attention to details. Of course, the same attention to detail and respect carries through on our home renovations from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

We will commit to open communication with you, giving a high level of customer service and involving you in all stages of the project. We believe our approach creates excitement and enthusiasm as your project becomes reality.

A new home is something to look forward to. We share that excitement and look forward to handing you the keys as you step into your dream home.

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